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We work with the individual or coach to understand your task and goals to create authentic movements that will help you improve. Anything from sport position specific movements to walking without pain, we can get you there. It does not matter what your problem or goal, we can find a solution.

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The Exercise is the Test The Test is the Exercise

At PE Training Solutions, we provide cutting-edge training for all skill levels and populations. Our system is based on Applied Functional Science (AFS), which is based on physical, biological, and behavioral sciences. The priority is to create solutions to enable you to achieve your true potential and inspire others to do the same.

Increasing Performance

Our bodies were built to move in three dimensions: Sagittal plane (forward and back) Frontal plane (side to side), and Transverse plane (rotational). ALL MOVEMENT in athletics and function takes place in these three planes of motion.

Relieving Pain

We understand how the body moves in function and NOT in isolation, but as an interconnected organism. If we only look at the symptom, we will likely miss the most important part and that is WHY that symptom is occurring.

Restoring Vitality

Our bodies must deal with three different truths of function: Gravity, Mass & Momentum, and Ground Reaction Forces. It does not matter if your goal is to get faster or live without pain, we understand how these factors affect the body and account for them.

Lacrosse Training Program

It’s time we started training specifically for our sport. Lacrosse is an amazing game that requires a unique skill set, and we need to prepare our athletes with the specific skills they need on game-day. We know that PE Training Solutions’ strategies and techniques will bring your program and your athletes to the next level. Are you ready?


2015 National Champions

Welcome to PE Training Solutions Lacrosse Training Program. At PE Training Solutions, we are dedicated to assisting your athletes in reaching their full potential on the field. We accomplish this by educating coaches and players on the most advanced lacrosse-specific training methods and movements.

Inside the Program

  • Complete pre-game dynamic warm-up

  • Mobility drills for ankle, hip, and thoracic spine

  • Stability and balance drills

  • Lacrosse specific strength movements

  • Lacrosse specific power movements

  • Speed and agility drills

  • Program instantly streams online

This program was developed by Patrick Estes, who has been a head strength coach at the college level and worked with both women and men’s teams in basketball, football, and lacrosse. He has worked with high school, college, NBA, and NFL athletes. Estes, a former college lacrosse player himself, fought through many different injuries during his career; some of these injuries still affect him today. This led him to seek out and learn from the best physical therapists and strength coaches in the world and apply the knowledge he gained to the sport of lacrosse.

Once we implemented these strategies my girls were stronger in ways that would help them stay injury free so they could compete at 100%. This program does a great job focusing on mobility and injury prevention that is specific to lacrosse athletes. Coach Estes is an asset to any lacrosse program and this DVD will allow his expertise to aid lacrosse coaches and athletes across the country.

Meghan Dennehy

3x All-American (Limestone) Head Coach Women's Lacrosse UVa-Wise

This training program is a huge asset to our lacrosse team and coaching staff because we do not have a strength and conditioning coach specifically for lacrosse. Now our guys are getting stronger and faster in ways that transfer to the lacrosse field.

Greg Paradine

All-American (North Carolina) Head Coach Mens Lacrosse Lenoir Rhyne


Happy Clients

PE Training Solutions foundation is based on Principles, Strategies, and Techniques formed from scientific truths of function. These Principles are combined with Chain Reaction biomechanics that create effective strategies. These strategies are specific to our Person-Task-Goal, which lead to authentic functional techniques.

In October of 2015 I tore my hip labrum playing professional basketball in Turkey. After seeing doctors and PTs for months it looked like I would have to get surgery. But with 4 months before the WNBA season I wanted to try rehabilitation. I tried more traditional therapy but it was not getting me the results to get back on the court. So with two months left I was recommended to see Coach Estes.

What put Coach Estes above the others is his love and intelligence in what he does. He also taught be that diet and lifestyle are just as important as rehab. At the end of the two months I was cleared to play! Coach Estes saved my WNBA Season and help prolong my career.

Natasha Cloud

Washington Mystics

Training with Patrick has been great for my career and my development as an NBA player. I feel stronger, faster, and have increased my functional capacity as an athlete. Pat is very hard working and is extremely knowledgable. I look forward to continuing my training with him.

J.J. Redick

NBA Veteran (9 Years)

Working with Coach Estes has been one of the most positive learning experiences I have had both as a coach and an athlete. When I met Coach Estes, I was a the peak of my “fitness”, but was plagued by chronic knee pain and swelling in the knees. Coach Estes diagnosed my dysfunction, created a plan and has successfully implemented a new way of training into my goals. I no longer have any knee pain, and am feeling stronger an healthier than ever.

Michael Winchester

Head Coach • CrossFit Jååkarhu

Coach Estes formed myself and my teammates into national championship lacrosse athletes because not only did he care about our ability to get faster and stronger, but he also knew how to manage our recovery. He knows what it takes to become a better athlete and genuinely cares about the well-being of his athletes. I assure you Coach Estes will take the time to tailor your specific needs so that you can become the best possible athletes you can be.

Erik Adamson

MLL / Former DU Lacrosse Athlete

Patrick Estes is one of the most devoted, energetic, intellgent trainers I have trained with in my ten years of playing NBA basketball. He pushes you far past your maximum capacity. I will hire him when I become a head coach, guaranteed.

Royal Ivey

NBA Veteran (10 Years)

My goal as a volleyball player throughout my entire career was to touch 10 feet. After 3 years of Division I Volleyball I had still not accomplished my goal. Coaches told me I had plateaued but after working with Coach Estes not only was I able to reach my goal of 10 feet but hit new personal bests in all my lifts. It was an amazing feeling to prove them wrong and finally touch rim!!!

Sarah Schmid

Division 1 Volleyball Player