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Team Training

PE Training Solutions will train your team for not only the physical, but mental challenges of your sport or competition. Each training session will be based off the specific three dimensional movements of that sport, along with incorporating the appropriate metabolic demands of that sport. The main goal of PE Training solutions team program is injury prevention because if your athletes cannot stay healthy, you cannot win games. 

Training sessions will be based on the appropriate training phase for that sport (In-Season/ Off-Season) to insure your team is ready to play on game day. Each session will incorporate different forms of three dimensional mobility, stability, balance, speed, power, and strength. Training sessions will also have many team building components that not only assist your athletes on the field, but off the field as well. Sport specific multi-plane training will keep your athletes healthy and more prepared than your competition.

Individual Training / Small Group

The greatest level of coaching and customization is available. Due to the fact that we are all individuals, we can create a program that is specific to the needs of your body. Our main focus is to create a healthy kinetic chain and increase your functional ability for any task or goal. It is a great fit for those with injury issues or specific training goals, as well as beneficial for individuals who get the best results with one on one training.

Injury Evaluations / Post Rehab

Injuries are an incredibly stressful situation, and when you are in pain, you can’t function to the best of your ability. It is important that we understand not only your pain or your specific injury, but WHY that injury has occurred. If we understand the WHY, we can not only safely treat that injury, but make sure that it does not reoccur. That is why we need to evaluate the body as a kinetic chain and reestablish your body’s three dimensional movement patterns.

We will start your rehabilitation program from a safe and successful point and then begin to push your threshold well beyond and injury free. Each evaluation will include a gait and functional movement analysis to help us understand the how, what, and most importantly, the WHY.


PE Training Solutions consulting services consist of specific programs in athletic development and rehabilitation. We will take the time to individually evaluate your facility and team needs to keep your athletes successful. Let us integrate your on the field goals with off the field solutions.

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